11oz Ethiopian - Medium Roast

Description: African coffees have flavors that are truly unique to the world of coffee, resembling tastes of tea due to their process. Unlike the most common process, Washed (requiring lots of water), African coffees resort to drying their coffee fruits with little to no water. This means the beans are dried with some of their fruit on the bean, deeply infusing sweet, fruity notes. 

If you haven't tried an African coffee, start where coffee was born: Ethiopia [and Yemen]. This single-origin is produced by a great team of over 350 Western Ethiopian farmers known as the Nano Challa cooperative.  

Source: Osito Coffee

Region: Jimma, Ethiopia

Harvest period: December – February

Growing altitude: 6200-6900 feet above sea level

Varietal: Arabica – Ethiopian Heirloom

Process: Washed with wet fermentation & sundried beds (honey)