2.5oz Purifying Tulsi Tea


Description: This is an uplifting ayurvedic blend of Holy Basil (know as Tulsi), spearmint, rosehips, lemon myrtle, and linden flowers. This mixture of fine herbs will help to purify and clean your mind and soul.

I found this tea to be an incredible way to start my mornings or wind down my evenings. 

This tea contains No Caffeine. 

Instructions: Unlike most teas where you would just pour hot kettle water onto it, I like to boil this tea with the water on the stove. Once it reaches boiling, I continue to boil for 30-120 seconds (depending on how many cups I'm making) to extract more flavors. 
Proportion: I use 1 Tbsp per cup. I also like to re-use my leaves for a lighter refill. Just pour more hot water.