As most know, I love everything coffee, and my hobby in it has only grown since 2015. What first started as an idea for a cafe, then grew into a passion project that wasn't quite fitting until I decided to disrupt the coffee industry from another direction. I decided to change the traditional bag packaging to a jar in order to keep my coffee fresher, but something ate at me. I didn't like the whole trash part. I felt my jars would be contribute even more garbage once thrown away. Then something dawned on me.

Did you know: it takes up to 1000 YEARS for plastic to decompose. Yet, for some reason, we throw it away. The half life for plastic is an asset to the supply chain, and yet, companies place no effort in recollecting it. Maybe it's not cost effective to some degree. But that's a challenge I'm willing to accept.

With Bequest Coffee Roasters, we're setting the precedent that companies should be responsible for everything they contribute: both product and waste. Supply chains don't just end once you've sold the product to a customer; there's still the packaging and the impact that sale has on our environment.