Helping coffee lovers be responsible and sustainable human beings by offering a cost effective method of returning our waste back to us. Throw nothing away, but the used coffee grounds!

Close loop now

How it works

  • Buy 1 or more 11oz jars (over any period of time).
  • Once you are ready to return the empty jars, you can request a pre-paid shipping label & instructions on how to Close the Loop. This will convert your deposits into credits for your next purchase!
  • Follow the instructions and ship the jars via the labeled courier
  • START HERE to Close the Loop


  • For 1 jar, the return cost will be the $2.50 deposit + $1 for shipping.
  • For 2 jars, the full deposit ($5) will cover the return shipping fully.
  • For 3 jars or more, return shipping is FREE (on us) and you keep the full deposit for each returned jar.
  • Once we receive your return, we will process and credit your account with your deposit.