Historically, the term 'bequest' was used for personal property given by will. Rooted in our mission,
we want to be a reminder and symbol for people to be intentional in how their purchases impact the world for the generations to come.

We are changing the way coffee roasters serve their fans by being mindful throughout the entire closed-loop purchasing cycle:

Passion for Coffee

After a very intentional selection process in partnering with respectable farmers, we roast our beans to the perfect level in order to extract the optimal flavor from our coffees.

Packaging for Freshness

Once roasted, we vacuum seal our coffees in re-usable packaging to deliver the freshest coffee to our customers! We grind and jar per order. Until then, the coffee stays sealed!

Closing the Loop

We are on a mission to prove that providing exceptional coffee is both environmentally and economically sustainable by employing a closed-loop recycling system: we recollect, sanitize and recycle all of our packaging.

The goal is simple: curate delicious coffee from around the world, aiming to have zero waste impact on that world

Join the movement via Instagram and Facebook: @bequestcoffeeroasters Together, we can encourage companies to take on accountability of their products after being consumed.

Did you know: it takes up to 1000 YEARS for plastic to decompose. Yet, for some reason, we throw it away. At BCR, we consider this an asset. Supply chains don't end once you've sold the product to a customer; there's still the packaging and the impact that sale has on our environment. How do your purchases impact the future? Evidently, you're a curious one. Here's more backstory.