The Mission

Historically, the term 'bequest' was used for personal property given by will. Rooted in our mission, we are positioned as a reminder and symbol for people to be intentional in how their purchases impact the world for the generations to come.

Bequest Coffee offers a delicious limited selection of coffees & teas with the added benefit of minimal waste, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy their brew guilt-free.

Bequest Coffee Roasters

An artisanal coffee roasting startup, offering coffees from around the world with the unique mission of being earth conscious by giving customers the option to return the packaging for recycling in an effort to reduce waste.


Check out our variety of coffee single-origins and blends as well as glassware.


Our non-caffeinated teas are unique in flavor and aroma.


Buying directly from the farmers guarantees better product quality and competitive prices. Lucky for us, our Guatemala beans come from a friend's farms. 
Once harvested and imported, we roast the coffee beans to perfection. The roasting process typically takes less than 20 minutes per batch. 
From there, we vacuum seal them until they're ready to ship. Most beans are ready to brew after 2-4 weeks from roasting. 
Join the movement and treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee!

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A cup of coffee is the morning's cup of wine.
With origins in Ethiopia and Yemen, the arabica coffee bean has reached across the world offering an incredible variety of flavors and culture that only continues to expand. 
Our goal is to grow our coffee offerings by partnering with reputable coffee farming families.